Your nose will get you going: Wildkraut Energy Sniff

Wildkraut is the ultimate energy boost for all athletes.
Without any sugar, the mixture of alpine herbs, caffeine and taurine increases your concentration, increases your calorie burning and has a positive effect on your endurance performance.

Stay wild. Stay awake.

The natural enemy of fatigue:

  • MEISTERWURZThe healing root of the Alps.
  • ROSENWURZThe herb for the powers of recall.
  • MORINGASuperfood for your nose.
  • NATURAL CAFFEINEFor a full dose of energy.
  • TAURINECaffeine’s BFF.
  • GUARANAThe strongest natural caffeine supplier.

More endurance

For many runners, coffee is part of the typical warm-up program. Not surprising, because caffeine has a vasodilatory effect on the bronchial system of the lungs. This makes breathing easier and endurance performance increases.

Unlike coffee or energy drinks, Wildkraut doesn’t take effect only after 30 minutes. It is absorbed directly through the nose.

Best time, so to speak.

More focus

This is ensured by the concentration-promoting amino acid tyrosine and rhodiola root. The alpine herb has anti-fatigue properties and reduces mental fatigue.

A duo that makes your mental coach unnecessary.

There are more than 20 large portions in one bottle of wild herbs .

Burn more calories

Wildkraut contains no sugar!

We don’t want to feed you unnecessary calories, we want to help you burn them! Caffeine increases calorie burning and thus your training effect.

And now: fire away!

More endurance, concentration and focus

We have combined the most effective natural stimulants with ingredients that increase your focus and give you an energy boost.

  • Caffeine: Improves your endurance performance
  • Theanine: Increases your concentration and regulates side effects of caffeine
  • Tyrosine: For better memory and reaction skills when sleep deprived
  • Roseroot: Alpine herb with fatigue-reducing properties
  • Tryptophan: Essential for the release of happiness hormones

Are you already sniffing or still drinking?

It is no secret

“Dear energy drink disciples, cola nut prophets and mate tea magnates, can we rub something in your face?”

“Sugar makes you fat”

Wildkraut is the ultimate energy boost for all athletes – without any sugar.

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